YouComm 2015 Sessions

YouComm 015 Conference Sessions. Our first session will begin at 9AM after revealing the schedule at 8:30AM.

All times Eastern Daylight Savings Time

Afternoon Sessions: Vendor Expo and Networking Opportunities

Join us for our tweetup at Wafflehouse.Com and keep checking our Twitter stream for more vendor information, networking opportunities, and additional learnings.

Session 3: “Standing Room Only” – Award for Last Year’s “Ideate for Morrow” Session

When we kicked off YouComm in 2014, we had no idea how popular our sessions would be, and even had one get to standing room only. We thought it’d be great to give an award to this session and replay it this year. We hope you enjoy this 45-minute video recording focused on the skills of ideating.

We hear buzzwords all the time, and “ideate” is no exception. In this session, we explore the term and push the envelope of what it means to ideate our ideas and translate them into meaningful communication products.

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Session 2: Keynote Speaker Rachel Bailey’s Master Content Development for Leads and Business Generation

We’re thrilled to continue YouComm 2015 with a keynote presentation from Rachel Bailey. In this session, you will learn a new model for customer engagement, driven by the metaphor of fishing, luring, and baiting.

Check out the presentation and  feel free to share your learning insights using the #ucomm2015 hashtag.




Session 1: TechVines’ Certification Training – Create Vine Instructional Videos With the Experts

Welcome to TechVines’ launch of our certification program here at YouComm 2015. Our goals for this session are pretty simple. We want you to become an expert in creating in-depth, 6-second training videos for your customers and colleagues.


  1. Watch our presentation online.
  2. Follow the links to our instructional videos. These videos, published with Vine, will fully explain each point.
  3. Complete the knowledge check at the end of the session to receive your certificate.


Let us know what you think! And if you’re interested in teaching our on-site corporate Vinify training program, send an email to


Our Schedule

Office jobIn true un-conference fashion, we waited until today to determine what all of our sessions would cover along with deciding who our presenters would be. We are excited to announce our complete schedule!


Our Masterize theme focuses on generating business leads and sales by stroking the content development process until it’s finished.


We think great work deserves to be recognized, so we’re giving a hat tip to our most popular, standing room only, session from YouComm 2014. Learn all about ideating and translating into meaningful communication products.


This theme covers the expansive learning opportunities created by Vine training videos. Pro vendor TechVines is excited to present its certification program for creating in-depth, 6-15 second Vine videos to help your customers and employees build their skills.


Check out our list of vendors, catch up on the Twitter feed, and meet us at the tweetup.

Session Ideas Wanted for YouComm 2015

Office jobYouComm 2015 is less that a week away so it’s time to start suggesting those course topics!

  1. Masterize
  2. Evolvetize
  3. Ecosystemize
  4. Monetize

Share your ideas using the Twitter Hashtag #ucomm2015. The idea with the most RTs will get selected. We’ll start the sharing and voting at 7AM EDT tomorrow.